Byner Sheinberg & Associates

Byner Sheinberg & Associates (BSA) is an investment management firm, that strategically invests in hard assets such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

We have a strong history of transactional performance, that has resulted in a wide network of relationships throughout the investment industry.

Combined with our unique knowledge of personalized investment in various sector, we strive to bring integrity and innovation to every transaction, producing beneficial outcomes for our investors.

BSA offers tools, products, and expertise that empower you to conquer complexity and drive success. We provide exceptional services to our investment clients. From buying of hard assets to managing and selling, we are your partner in every step of the process. Services include:

  1. Investing & Managing Investment Portfolio
  2. Monetization & Management of Hard Assets
  3. Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds Portfolio Management
  4. Personal & Business Financial Planning
  5. Mergers & Acquisitions
  6. Retirement & Estate Planning

Our services also include M&A as well as personal and business financial planning. Our goal is to create wealth for our clients whether through fresh capital for their businesses, increased liquidity or monetization of existing assets. Please check our Merger & Acquisitions section on our website for further details.

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