Hard Assets

Byner Sheinberg & Associates (BSA) is one of the world’s premier firms that specializes in the full service management of hard assets for individuals, families and businesses.

With the US dollar losing its status as the World’s Reserve Currency, investors are hedging their fiat currency risk with hard assets. The ability to hedge these increases is a valuable trait in an investment.

Hard assets have the power to hedge inflation!

Hard assets are tangible items that you or your company can own. Investors invest in hard assets to diversify their investment portfolio and minimize risk that comes with an ever changing soft asset market trends. They provide concrete value and usefulness thereby diversifying and building a well-rounded, strong investment portfolio.

Since intangible assets (soft assets such as stocks & bonds) are high risk assets due to their dependability on patents, good will and reputation to grow and perform in the market to draw profitability, hard assets such as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, other precious metals, art and rare collectibles, by contrast, are cheaper to invest in with minimum risk.

When investing in hard assets, always know that your goal is to seek long-term capital appreciation. Income is a secondary consideration.

Fact check:

A mere 1% slide in the dollar would be enough to put soft asset investments underwater. After bonds and overvalued equities, it is clear that hard assets are where capital must go to find yield.

At Byner Sheinberg & Associates (BSA), we work with various investment research firms and news providers to help investors and prospective clients to become better investors.

Our dedicated investment professionals take a research based asset management approach to hedge against risk and maintain adequate diversification.

It’s Time to Diversify Away From Financial Assets to Hard Assets

If you are an individual or an institutional investors interested in learning more about commodity equities, commodity futures, and other hard assets including gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, please contact us.