Mergers & Acquisitions

Byner Sheinberg & Associates (BSA) provides Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) services for both the acquirer and the target company.

M&A transactions can be divided by type – horizontal, vertical, conglomerate or by form – statutory, subsidiary, consolidation.

Structuring a M&A deal involves antitrust laws, securities regulations, corporate law, tax implications, accounting issues, rival bidders, market conditions, forms of financing, and specific negotiation points. Our process focuses on:




We work with you to determine the strategy to be followed and criteria to be considered. Proper research analysis and valuation of the acquisition targets help in structuring successful M&A deals.

Following are the key points that we look into when structuring the M&A deals:

  • Determine Growth Markets and Services
  • Proactively identify Merger and Acquisition opportunities
  • Assess Strategic Financial Position
  • Make a Go/ No-Go Decision
  • Conduct Intensive Valuation
  • Perform Due Diligence
  • Negotiate a Definitive Agreement
  • Execute & Implement Transaction
  • Monitor Ongoing Performance

From our experience we know that a strong grasp of top leadership’s priorities from the beginning promotes successful M&A alignment throughout the integration.

The initial responsibility in an M&A integration is to define and determine the value drivers and guiding principles of the deal that can supports the vision and integration strategy.

If you are looking to capture, retain, and leverage corporate know-how through a merger or acquisition, please contact us.